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The power of advocacy

Thanks to our ministry’s focus on prayer and advocacy, we have with your support been able to have incredible positive impact supporting international youth ministries. At Ends Cycling storytelling is very important to us – and we want to share the stories of our beneficiaries with accuracy and excitement!

The stories that follow are simply a testament of what we can achieve when we exercise our faith, pray without ceasing and advocate passionately to bring the hope of the gospel to global youth through our bicycle tours.

Latest Stories of Impact

The Main Event

My buddy, Slavcho, who is our group ATV guide when we ride, owns the auto service and he agreed to train the girls on how to charge a dead car battery and how to change a flat tire! We were hoping that this fellowship will lead and equip Macedonian 16-19 year old young ladies to become women of character, integrity, strength and wisdom. It was a very successful day and the girls LOVED IT.

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Six people from the Ends gravel cycling tour standing by a fence at the top of a mountain.

Ride A Gravel Bike, Move To Latin America!

In May 2022, Matt & Jessica faithfully came on the COGAP2022. They prayed and raised funds for a ministry in Latin America called INCA LINK.  During this gravel bike ride, they learned a lot about the ministry from the representative on the tour with us, Luke S.  Every time Luke shared testimonies, prayer themes and stories, you could truly see the wheels turning in the minds of the Crossons.

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Xtreme Challenges

An XCC is three days of challenge and inspiration for men out in the wild that creates a deep spiritual experience. Because of my experience in youth ministry and behavioral addictions, I was invited to speak from a biblical perspective on the story of David and Bathsheba during the XCC. Through this story, I talked about sexual failures. I want to share the story of one of the men who spoke to me after the...

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“Nanga Imara Na Thabiti”

This year at camp, two of our older boys got in a big fight. The fight had to be broken up, and instead of participating in camp the following day, these two boys had to stay back and do chores. These are the moments that remind us of exactly why we have camp. It is an opportunity not just to have fun, but to learn and to grow. In the lives of kids all over...

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At Ends of the Earth Cycling, we like cycling and we like how our jerseys proclaim Jesus, but we know that it is the way that we love - global youth, those we come into contact with on our journeys, and our brothers and sisters on tour - that truly shows the world that we are Jesus' disciples.

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Power for Freedom; Healing from Sexual Brokenness

This blog is different. While the specific tour and beneficiary cannot be identified safely, and the names of people and places are changed, we hope that you’ll find this post from “behind enemy lines” an encouragement to your faith as a part of our Ends of the Earth Cycling family. The Lord is using an Ends of the Earth Cycling tour to promote and resource youth in a country in Africa!

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The Old Man And The See Train

As a young boy many years ago, I read the famous book "The Old Man and the Sea." Now, at 70 years of age, I’m the oldest of our riding team. We have been named the “See Train” because we are the slowest of the four riding teams on this tour. We get to see things. Thus the play on words in my title. I am the old man, and we are the See Train.

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Bicycling Tips

Picture of the handlebars of a bike as cycling gear

The “A-B-C-Quick” Check

Have you ever run into a problem with your bike? Most issues can be prevented with using the A-B-C-Quick Check as a routine way to make sure you are ready to ride.

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Am I Hydrated?

Cyclists normally know that hydration is important, but how much is enough? Is six to eight 8-ounce glasses per day is sufficient? What's the answer? Look no further than your toilet!

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