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The Problem We Solve

Youth in developing countries face disproportionately more challenges, obstacles and injustices than their peers in the United States. While most 8 year olds in the U.S. are going to school and playing video games in the afternoons, the same aged boy or girl in Nepal is being trafficked into the brothels of India.

The main forms of trafficking are for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced labour and removal of organs.

We give people who want to change the world an opportunity to address these types of injustices by bringing the hope of the Gospel to global youth. Through our ministry, we provide resources for supplying clean water, alleviating hunger, prevention of human trafficking, funding youth ministry training, and transforming lives for His glory.


Since 2012, God has worked through Ends Cycling to provide clean water, alleviate hunger, prevent human trafficking, train youth ministers, and transform the lives of youth in 25+ countries for His glory.

Impact By Region

Join Us! Change the World

Although we focus on uplifting the lives of global youth, ministry also happens in the U.S. on every tour!

Whether it is a virtual bike ride where families can ride together or ministering to youth along our tour route via our host churches, youth are the future today!

On most of our tours kids 12 and under can join and serve for free. Alongside their parents, these youth grow closer to the Lord and expand their knowledge of global missions through prayer, awareness, fundraising and a whole lot of fun!

In countries like Belize, Bolivia, Mexico and Nicaragua, through our tours, youth are given hope against suicide (second most common cause of death in Bolivia) through youth camps. The average education level in many areas of Nicaragua is 3rd grade. Youth are being given a chance to stay in school because of your participation. Others are being trained in college-level Biblical Studies and are combating the drug, promiscuity, bullying and pornography issues in these nations.

In countries like Romania the effects of Communism in rural areas still lingers. Through your participation, youth with little-to-no education, who are the most susceptible, are being kept from the hands of traffickers. Through our tours, God has used participants to help orphans in places like Macedonia and Ukraine to have exceptional life-giving opportunities through family-oriented environments. We have ridden on behalf of other countries such as Bulgaria, Poland, and Spain where youth are being impacted by outdoor ministries, English classes, and youth camps in Jesus’ Name.

In countries like Egypt, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, some of the struggles youth face are pornography, child labor and prostitution. Many children are dying in these areas due to H.I.V. and other illnesses. Children take on family responsibilities at a young age, often quitting school to help with preparing meals and water, caring for livestock and gardens, and watching younger children. Through you, we see Churches being planted, Youth Workers being trained, clean water wells being drilled and so much more!

Cambodia, Georgia, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Nepal, and Thailand are some of the countries we have ridden for in the past. Some of the struggles that youth face are human trafficking, Christian persecution, lack of youth worker resources, extreme poverty and parents selling their children to traffickers for extra cash. Over the years, lives have been changed by equipping youth workers who minister in the schools, in slums and other places in India, training college students in the Philippines in biblical studies, and helping displaced youth through youth homes abroad.

Countries like New Zealand, have some of the highest teen suicide rates per-capita in the world. Through your participation, our partners can send youth to camps, provide Bibles, and provide young people with leadership and personal development training that gives hope to the entire nation.

Support Our Mission

There are many ways to get involved. We hope that you will join a tour to fellowship with us and explore the United States. Your contributions through tour registrations, pledges, donations, and product purchases will greatly help youth ministries globally.


Join a tour and exercise your faith physically and spiritually as you #PrayPedalRepeat on cycling tours that have global impact!

Latest Stories of Impact

“Nanga Imara Na Thabiti”

This year at camp, two of our older boys got in a big fight. The fight had to be broken up, and instead of participating in camp the following day, these two boys had to stay back and do chores. These are the moments that remind us of exactly why we have camp. It is an opportunity not just to have fun, but to learn and to grow. In the lives of kids all over...

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At Ends of the Earth Cycling, we like cycling and we like how our jerseys proclaim Jesus, but we know that it is the way that we love - global youth, those we come into contact with on our journeys, and our brothers and sisters on tour - that truly shows the world that we are Jesus' disciples.

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Power for Freedom; Healing from Sexual Brokenness

This blog is different. While the specific tour and beneficiary cannot be identified safely, and the names of people and places are changed, we hope that you’ll find this post from “behind enemy lines” an encouragement to your faith as a part of our Ends of the Earth Cycling family. The Lord is using an Ends of the Earth Cycling tour to promote and resource youth in a country in Africa!

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