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We Are Missionaries

That’s right! All members of our crew, the Ends Cycling Executive Team, are missionaries committed to sharing the gospel though charitable work.

Each missionary on the Ends Cycling crew fundraises 100% of their salary through donations from churches and individuals like you. Funds raised from bike tours goes straight to impacting global youth. Donations can be made to specific Ends Cycling missionaries below.

When you cycle with us, you are joining God’s global mission. Our Ends Cycling crew are missionaries and you can be one too – as a participant on our bike tours or by joining our crew!

Ends Cycling crew member Justin cycling during a tour


Executive Dreamer
Justin serves as the Executive Director for Ends Cycling. Justin often speeds around on his bike with his massive tree-trunk size calves and his family is known by all as “The Hanne-Tribe.” Justin’s life verse is 1 Timothy 4:7b-8.
Ends Cycling crew member Matt cycling during a tour


Computer Monkey
Matt serves as the Associate Director for Ends Cycling. Matt has been known to leap tall coconut trees in a single bound and has had aspirations of being a Ninja Turtle when he grows up. Matt’s life verse is ​Philippians 3:12-14.
Ends Cycling crew member Nick cycling during a tour


Circus Master

Nick serves as Co-Director and Tours Manager for Ends Cycling. When he’s not on his bike you may find him doing his best fish or gazelle impersonation. He loves spending time with his favorite people, the “Haner 5.” His life verse is Isaiah 61:1-3.


Polar Postmaster

Michael serves as Tours Manager for Ends Cycling and spends free-time on tours sharing Alaskan adventure stories and handwriting postcards and letters to friends and family. Michael, Tara, and their 4 kids enjoy family travel and learning together. Michael loves John 15:5 and the abiding life.


Ends Cycling crew member Brian cycling during a tour


Cookie Monster

Brian serves as the Finance Coordinator for Ends Cycling. He is known as the “International Man of Mystery” and will neither confirm nor deny that he walks around his house in his triathlon wet-suit. Brian’s life verse is 1 Peter 3:15.


International Puddle Jumper
Christal serves as the Global Partnerships Liaison for Ends Cycling. She loves eating cake, drinking coffee, and taking selfies with her 3 kiddos. True story: she tried to narrow down her life verse to one and gave up…the Bible is her life verse.


The Secret Boss
Karena serves as Hospitality for Ends Cycling. Karena loves cooking Filipino food, doing SAG for cycling tours and occasionally rides on tours as well. She is mom to 5 kiddos, and loves getting them involved in Ends Cycling events. Karena’s favorite bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11.
Ends Cycling crew member David cycling during a tour


Jack Alltrade

Dave serves as an Outreach Tour Coordinator for Ends Cycling. He is known as the “WhirlyBird,” and also answers to “Chief of Security” (we let him lock the bikes up while on tours). Dave is married to his high school sweetheart, Janet, and is the proud father of three boys. Dave likes 2 Corinthians 4:7.