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Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples! 
-1 Chronicles 16:8

Disconnecting From An Overwhelming World

Disconnecting From An Overwhelming World

In a world invaded and dominated by screens we want to offer at Alpinis Leadership Center (ALC) [in Romania] an outdoor experience to help all those that visit to disconnect from the overwhelming and tumultuous world and connect with the Creator of it all. In this effort, beside the programs we plan and the hikes we go on, we are setting up activity areas to help make the experience richer for the campers and those who visit.  All of this is possible only with your support and inspiring kindness. Thank you! 

The retaining concrete wall in the parking area has been transformed into a horizontal climbing wall!

We created a “Hammock Hub” for relaxation and meditation.  With the help of our friend and long time volunteer Cosmin Ban, we completed the “climbing wall project”: the retaining concrete wall in the parking area has been transformed into a horizontal climbing wall with color coded trails of various degrees of difficulty. This has already become a gravitational area on our site. We also built an exhilarating zip line for kids and teens. Maybe we made a big mistake (just joking ) …. it’s hard to take them away from it, once they start using it. The sports field is a bigger project, but for now with the support of the Ends of the Earth Cycling event, we made the sports field into a functional area for volleyball, soccer and surrounded with a net. 

Exhilarating zip line for kids and teens!

We are building a low element course for our team building activities, our slogan for the experience at Alpinis Leadership Center is “an adventure with purpose“.  Thank you so much for your investment in the lives of the young generation of our country. All of this will make our work to offer a life changing experience a lot easier and more fun for the campers and visitors.

Camp Testimonies:

Camp Alpinis was a place where God spoke to me through every activity, everything centered on walking hand in hand with Him.


When I saw the climbing wall I said in my mind “I’m doing it, it’s too easy” but when I climbed the first one I realized how hard it is and I abandoned the mission. The lesson: Appearances are deceiving. I looked at it as a good thing to have the zip line and climbing wall there at the Alpinis Center. In this day and age that we live more and more with our phones in hand and our teens being disengaged from sports games, these two activities have engaged them to be more committed to it. I was pleasantly surprised to see some who were willing to try and keep trying and do the course.

Others had to learn that if you fall you can start again. The interesting thing was that it wasn’t from where you fell, but from the start again. In my spiritual life, I realized it was the same. We have falls but we have to persevere. To keep going, or even to start all over again.

Thanks to those who help and will help again! Thanks to MLI for this camp and to those in America.
God bless them all and reward them!


“I’m doing it, it’s too easy”

“For me the camp was a dream coming through [true], it was the first camp I went to. I made friends and maybe one day we will meet again, I can’t wait for that. The food at camp was perfect, absolutely everything. The hike was great, even if I fell down a few times, but that`s ok. The program was great, the skits I won’t mention… I had a great time. And I’ve made a place for Jesus in my heart and always will. And the people there were great!

Hammock Hub

I personally enjoyed it, this week was special for me because it’s the first time I went to camp without my sister. However, I made more friends at camp than ever before, and I would like to meet them again. Back on topic, the food at camp was delicious. The hike was tiring but beautiful, and the conference and skit moments challenged me to start a new journey with Jesus. I hope this camp develops into something bigger because the people working there are doing a great job!


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