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"It's Not Just A Bike Ride"

At Ends Cycling we don’t just raise funds, we raise prayers. We don’t just send funds, we send people. For us this is a Kingdom thing not a cycling thing. It’s more than just a bike ride. When you tour with us you embark on a mission trip with people that are as passionate about cycling and outdoor adventure, as they are about praising God and sharing the gospel with youth globally.


Sisterhood Bike Ride

“Something that I want to emphasize to anybody that you can be a rider no matter your skill set is because you have that group of people to band and support you at all times.”


Key West Bike Ride

“I would like people to know that this is something that anybody who is into cycling or even if you’re not into cycling and you want to be a support staff — it is something to really experience!”


Indiana Bike Ride

“I so enjoy my time with Ends Cycling. It is always such a blast to be on tour and just to get to be apart of the family of each ride.”


Wendy C.
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My first ride with Ends of the Earth Cycling was the 2023 Key West Bike Tour. What joy to join with other cyclists to actively support youth around the world in the name of Jesus! It was a privilege to pedal together with new friends while on mission. Ends’ leadership teams and infrastructure are of the highest degree of professional caliber, with the organization offering a broad variety of top-notch riding opportunities. The smiles never stopped, and the joy of everyone involved was a presence to be reckoned with. Definitely recommend!
Sandi B.
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My husband and I have been on tour with Ends Cycling many times and we always come away with so much more than we could ever imagine. If you are looking for a place to serve God and enjoy fellowship don't hesitate any longer. Fill out an application and get on board for an amazing time, make lifelong friends, gain a new family, and grow deeper in your relationship with God. And at the same time you will be to helping to support global youth who desperately need to know the love of Jesus as well as helping with so many other needs.
Amy H.
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#PrayPedalRepeat Ends Cycling is far more than just people riding bikes! It's an organization of believers coming together to Pray for others and be in community with each other. LOVE my EC Peeps!!!
Whitney P.
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We LOVE Ends of the Earth Cycling! Our entire family serves in different ways to help their team and we couldn't be more impressed with the level of excellence and care that they put into their rides. The financial investment in the gospel around the world that Ends has made serving with them an easy yes every time.
Adam L.
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I had more fun on a bicycle in the week that I rode the Key West Bike ride than any other week I've spent on a bike, ever. The atmosphere of worship and friendship was palpable. Lifelong friendships and memories were made, and I'll be sure to go on other rides with them any time I'm able. 10/10 would recommend.
John R.
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This was one of the best experience I have ever been apart of. This goes way beyond your average ride. Why... because this ride is not about you, but for the kids that we are helping. I praise God that I was able to go, an be a part of something that is WAY bigger then me. I plan on going next year Lord willing 🙂 I do hope to see you there.
Britney Sue H.
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I had the joy of participating in the very first Ends Cycling ride for the youth of Bulgaria. My husband and I knew we were at the start of something special. It is a very tangible way to pray and seek God for the furthering of his kingdom!
Kimberley M.
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Riding with Ends was amazing ! Such a great community where I felt supported as I rode further than I ever have before. It was also such a cool experience doing life in community for the week … loved the worship nights in the evening. Great organization with an amazing Heart for God. They ride to support such amazing youth organizations worldwide … including one close to my heart, Wipe Every Tear.
Matt H.
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It is not an exaggeration to say that my four Ends of the Earth rides changed my life. It's not just a bike ride, it's the opportunity to be immersed in prayer for a nation and missionary, the chance to partner with what God is doing, and to do so alongside people that will feel like brothers and sisters by the end. If you are considering a ride, please do it! These are wonderful people with a heart for the kingdom of God.
Tye M.
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I rode in the 2022 Key West Bike Ride (#KWBR2022) raising funds for the youth of Egypt. The rides are VERY organized and the accommodations are great. Justin and his team are the real deal and I hope to do MANY more bike rides with them in the future!
Jennifer C.
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Great group of Christian based & family friendly cyclist who raise funds for the youth of the world. 90% of donations go directly to the youth benefit organization. Cyclists are a wide range of cycling abilities with SAG support on all rides. Highly recommend!
Stephen J.
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If you like bicycling and helping troubled youth globally, this is the mission for you. Get involved!

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