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Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples! 
-1 Chronicles 16:8

Diplomatic Relations… On Bikes… Pt. 1

Diplomatic Relations… On Bikes… Pt. 1

An Ends of the Earth Cycling Ambassador engages individuals in the Ambassador’s circle of influence to move them one step closer to engagement in global missions through the ministry of Ends of the Earth Cycling.

This March and April, we are excited to introduce you to our 2023 Ends of the Earth Cycling Ambassadors. They have been featured on our social media channels, and now they will be featured on the Stories of Impact Blog in two installments. These are 11 remarkable friends of the ministry who are out serving in unique ways – making much of Jesus on and off the bike – inviting others to #PrayPedalRepeat with us.

“We are ambassadors for Christ!”

– 1 Corinthians 5:20

Up first is our sister, Karen Cox Weber. Karen has done 5 tours with Ends Cycling! She is our co-Ride Director for our upcoming #KWBR2023. One of Karen’s favorite experiences on the bike was her first tour with us to Key West in 2021. Sean McIntosh was her See Train leader and “made the experience amazing – covered by him in prayer, protection, love, silliness, and he made all of us feel genuinely cared for.” Karen loves riding with the Sanibel Bike Club and sharing God’s love with those she meets. Her favorite flavors of ice cream are Pralines & Cream OR Strawberry. She would love to visit Italy some day, Lord willing.

If you’ve met him, you’ll never forget him: Jay Ross Carlson @ridingwithhydro. Jay Ross was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain), but this doesn’t slow him down. His first long-distance bike tour was at the age of 13 in 2004. He explains that it “…was my first of many RAGBRAI rides.” Not only has he completed RAGBRAI in Iowa more than a dozen times, he has also ridden over a dozen Ends Of The Earth Cycling tours IN A ROW! Jay loves God, cycling, and getting to #PrayPedalRepeat for global youth. When asked about his favorite flavor of ice cream, he replied “all of them!” Jay recently repped our LORD & Ends Cycling at the Iowa Bicycle Expo booth.

Annette Hutchins is an absolute gift to us! She has been riding for more than twenty years. Her favorite cycling experience was our South Dakota Ride in 2017 where she climbed up to Mt. Rushmore and also hit her fastest downhill speed. Regarding her involvement with Ends Of The Earth Cycling, Annette says “I love global youth and know that they are the future.” To which we say a hearty, “Amen!”Annette’s favorite ice cream is Butter Pecan, and she loves her hubby, Hutch! She is part of the Cincinnati Cycling Club.

Allow us to introduce Mr. Bryan Wood. We first met Bryan on our #TXBR2021 and have been a huge fan of him ever since! Regarding that tour he said, “Riding my bike around San Antonio was the best bicycle experience I have ever been associated with. The teambuilding, the fellowship, making Jesus known while riding a bike” was such a highlight! Bryan and his wife Susan are directing our Oklahoma Bike Ride in June 2023. He works daily as an elementary school counselor. His favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip!

Meet Dan Rabourn aka “the Durango kid.” Dan has been cycling for more than fifty years. He has done 5 tours with Ends Of The Earth Cycling and is currently signed up for Oklahoma in June 2023. If he could travel anywhere in the world, it would be Antarctica. Dan loves traveling with his wife and impacting youth globally. His favorite ice cream is Haagendaz Coffee.

Rounding out our first instalment of ambassador introductions is Mr. Gene Blinn. His first ride with Ends Of The Earth Cycling was our New England Bike Ride 2018. He said, “This was my first tour with Ends Cycling while supporting youth in India. Amazing century ride cruising along the New England coast with my brothers and sisters. I felt very supported by my home church, friends, and family. Worship time was special. Hey, I loved the TXBR almost as much.” His favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks!

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