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Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples! 
-1 Chronicles 16:8

More Than Fundraising

More Than Fundraising

So, you guys are a fundraising ministry?” This question is very common in our line of work. It used to bother me but now I recognize what we do at Ends of the Earth Cycling is quite complex. Until someone comes on a tour with us, it really seems like our primary goal is fundraising – but, in fact, that’s quite the opposite.

The first ride from Ft. Myers to Key West happened 9 years ago. Our goals back then were simple – bring together youth pastors from across our city for 5 days of community, prayer, and a chance to share with them about global youth ministry. Fundraising was icing on the cake.

Fast forward 9 years, and we are delighted to have led 33 Christ-centered cycling tours. The cyclists on those tours have raised almost $700K for youth ministries globally; but even still – fundraising has remained of 3rd-importance to us.

First and foremost, our ministry is focused on PRAYER. This is evidenced by our daily prayer themes that we share with our riders and community-at-large. It is also evident when we gather as a CREW and pray every Monday for about an hour – lifting up requests from all over the world. Prayer is further evidenced by our hashtag: #PrayPedalRepeat

Second to prayer, we are really big on advocacy. Story-telling is very important to us – and we want to share the story of our beneficiaries with accuracy and excitement. This is evidenced by our BLOG – Stories of Impact.

After prayer, and advocacy, yes – we do raise funds. Financial resources are great; but human resources are also important. That’s why we raised up people to go and we go ourselves!

[Above Picture] Auntie Elisabeth translated for Justin as he taught from the book of Titus in Sri Lanka. Pastors were so encouraged by the teaching!

Just 2 months ago, I was accompanied by Matt Miller (EC Associate Director) and Jimmy Akers (EC Alumni) on a short-term project to India & Sri Lanka. On this trip, we had the privilege of visiting a ministry that we had previously ridden for, in 3 distinct tours. We came alongside them, hosting 6 training events for pastors (with 158 pastors/leaders attending), and 5 outreaches to youth and children (totaling 175 children). We encouraged them and they encouraged us. We prayed together, worshiped Jesus, enjoyed good food, and long – OK really long – drives in the mountains. And it was all worth it – why? Because relationships matter!

[Above Picture] “Pongal” is a Hindu celebration that was celebrated while we were in India. It has to do with Harvest time – and a perfect opportunity to preach that Jesus is Lord of the Harvest!

We don’t just raise funds, we raise prayers. We don’t just send funds, we send people. For us – this is a Kingdom thing, not a cycling thing. We rejoice in all God has done and will continue to do. Pray that we remain laser-focused and humble all at the same time. May He always get the glory!

[Above Picture] – The brothers we stand with in this picture have become exactly that: Brothers! We have worked with them annually for several years now and long to be with them again.

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