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impact hundreds of youth workers to be trained

India, located in South Asia with a population of 1.44 billion people, it is estimated now to be the most populous country in the world. With 50 per cent of its population below 25 years, the largest youth cohort of 254 million youngsters (15-24 years) thrive here. The Lord has a big heart for this young nation that He sent apostle Thomas to India.

A society that is divided based on finances, education and caste. Youth and children are the biggest victims of this vast partiality.

  • METRO LIFE CENTERS: From 2004 sensing this huge need in our country the Lord placed in our hearts to start Metro Life Centers, weekly Bible clubs for children in slums, villages and tribal areas. The children are taught spiritual, moral and social values from the Bible by our missionaries and are encouraged and loved to become disciples of Jesus.

  • TUTORING CENTERS: In the year 2012, the Lord placed in our hearts the need to provide educational help as well to these marginalized children to see a transformation in their lives. We identified young Christians who have completed under graduation from the same location as these kids to teach and help with their studies on a daily basis free of cost. These young teachers are equipped spiritually through our regular training programs.

  • SCHOOL MINISTRY: Our missionaries minister at several schools every week to counsel students who are in their teens and are more vulnerable to the deception of drugs and modern-day gadgets, and teach them the delivering power and love of Christ. The Lord has raised up many testimonies over the years.

  • TEEN CAMPS: Young people are the ripest part of the harvest where they make decisions in life. We conduct camps for them and teach them that the only way to be successful, and become productive is by finding our identity in Christ and knowing His purposes. We have seen many young lives touched and transformed by His Spirit through these camps.

  • SCHOOL OF CHILDREN’S MINISTRY: Envisioning, training, and equipping people to go into the harvest, especially to work among children, and empowering parents are at the very heart of Metro Missions. Every year, we conduct week-long residential training programs called SCM to raise up young leaders equipped with creative skills to work with children. Those trained, catch the vision for reaching the children for Christ and some do join our team of missionaries.

  • PERSONAL SHEPERDING INITIVE: In 2020 Metro Missions lost our founder and director, Anand to cancer. Just before he went to be with the Lord he told us the importance of shepherding the teenagers personally by training and helping them in the areas of their talents and expertise. So we started Personal Shepherding Initiative in the year 2021 and are helping teens to learn skills as well as taste the love of Jesus by shepherding them in small groups.

Right now we are a small team of 17 missionaries, 25 tution teachers and 6 skilled workers reaching nearly 9,000 children.

We fully believe that the prayers and funds you raise up through this ride is directly going to impact hundreds of youth workers to be trained and in turn thousands of marginalized children living in unhealthy conditions to know their identity, be educated to become transformational leaders. We hope and pray that your partnership will help us conduct more training programs to identify youth workers and help raise support for these youth workers to continue their mission among children.

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When you donate to an End Cycling tour, 90% of all donations goes directly toward impacting youth served by our beneficiary in this county, in Jesus’ name. The other 10% funds administrative costs for our parent organization, New International, a not-for-profit which, in all honesty, helps us do what we do even better. Tax deductible receipts and year end giving statements are provided to all donors. Read more about our financial transparency and accountability standards and practices.

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This bicycling tour in Utah will raise prayers, awareness and funds for Metro Missions. Prayers & Funds raised from this tour will impact hundreds of youth workers to be trained. Help us meet that goal and #PrayPedalRepeat or donate for the youth of India?

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