Train Hard, Have Fun

Train for Your Next Ride

10-Week Training Plan

The following training plans (Download the .PDF)  are designed to help you accomplish and enjoy our long-distance, multi-day tours. 

The exercise biking training plan starts 10 weeks before the Ends Cycling tour with three days of low mileage rides to wake your body up. During the first few weeks of exercise biking, you may want to have a rest day between rides to allow your body to recover and strengthen. Then, each week, the workload gradually increases as you build endurance and strength. Starting in week 5, you should consider riding multiple days in a row, building your exercise biking up to riding 4 days in a row. On weeks 7-10, arrange your training schedule so you ride the day after your long ride. As you train, the number of multi-day rides is equally important to the mileage. Contact us at if you have questions.

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Cycling Group Speeds

Set your goals and train

Set a goal of what kind of cycling group speed you would like to cycle in below, and then train accordingly using the above suggested 10 week training schedule above. You can download the .PDF and print it out to keep you on track with your training goals. 

From those wanting to hammer in a Breakaway, tuck into a Paceline, slide into our Journey Lovers Group or enjoy a leisurely day in the SEE Train – we have groups for all varying speeds of exercise biking!  

Whichever group you fancy, we have experienced Group Leaders who will take great care of you on our fully-supported tours. One of our Tour Pastors, Ray Warren, said: “It’s not which group you finish in, but how you finish.” A long-time Ends Cycling alumni, Dr. Les Hardin, encouraged us, “Finish strong, finish together.”  Most of what we do is road cycling. Our participants ride a road cycling bike or hybrid bicycles, and yes, your ebike is welcome. 

If you are a lone ranger and only want to cycle by yourself, our bicycle trips may not be for you. We hope you will come, enjoy what God has for you in one of our groups, and #PrayPedalRepeat for His glory and global youth ministry.

LED By Experienced Team Leaders

An experienced Team Leader will lead a team of 4-10 cyclists throughout the multi-day event. Riders will be grouped depending on their strengths and preferences. You are welcome to choose which group you wish to be in ahead of time. 

If you’re not sure you can do it, get a cycling computer and see where you are at! A suggested 10 week training schedule is available to you.

It’s our recommendation no one changes groups unless absolutely necessary. The reason that we ride in groups on our bicycle trips is for your safety. We would love for you to grow deep relationships with people in your group.

"SEE" Train: 10-11 mph average​

This group likes to take it slow and easy, with stops around every 20 minutes. They ride at 10-11 mph average (13-14 mph on all flat / Florida tours). They ride together, but not in a paceline and with plenty of room for everyone to feel comfortable. If you have little experience riding in a group, are okay with not riding all the miles on longer days, and generally take lots of breaks when you ride, this is probably the group for you. This group should not expect to have the opportunity to complete a century (100 mile day) on an EC tour

Journey Lovers: 12-13 mph average​

The Journey Lovers group likes to take breaks for pictures and will probably stop about every 30 minutes. They ride at 12-13 mph average (14-15 mph on all flat / Florida tours. They still ride together, but probably not in a consistently organized paceline. If the century option is not a high priority for you, you prefer a conversational pace, and usually make regular stops while riding, this is probably the group for you. This group may have the opportunity to complete a century (100 mile day) on a tour (where applicable).

Paceline: 14-15 mph average​

The Paceline group rides together using the draft to benefit each other 14-15 mph average (16-17 mph on all flat / Florida tours). They are riders that might not be “fast” but are steady and consistent. If you have group riding experience, consider yourself a mid-paced rider, and are willing to learn new skills, this is probably the group for you. This group can expect a century (100 mile day) option on each EC tour (where applicable)

Breakaway: 16+ mph average

The Breakaway group likes to ride fast and push the pace – 16+ mph average (18+ mph on all flat / Florida tours). They will often be riding in a tight paceline together and taking short turns at the front in order to maximize everyone’s effort. If you regularly ride 30 miles or more with few to no stops and at a quick pace, this is probably the place for you. This group can expect a century (100 mile day) option on each EC tour (where applicable).

Just for the record

“Average” means over the course of a 60-80 mile day, the actual pedaling speed that your computer will read at the end of your ride. This means you will, at times, be riding at 2-4 M.P.H. above your actual “average” for the day. These averages will change on international bicycle trips.