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2023 Natchez Trace Bike Ride

A Word from our Beneficiaries

Ministry in a war zone

On this tour, you will be riding for the youth in Ukraine. Our beneficiary ministries there are called Solid Rock & Strategic World Partnerships. Here is a word from them:

Over the last decade, Ends of the Earth Cycling has partnered with multiple different ministries to bring the hope of the Gospel to the youth of Ukraine. Over the last years these ministries have changed drastically due to a war that has ravaged the country and its people, but their mission remains the same: to bring hope to the people of Ukraine!

To show our solidarity with our partners in Ukraine and to join them in their effort to share the Gospel with the Ukrainian people, we are dedicating the Natchez Trace Bike Ride to #PrayPedalRepeat on their behalf. This is a unique opportunity to pray for 2 separate ministries, some of which have been relocated to different parts of Ukraine, Romania, Holland, Poland, and the USA. They continue to serve refugees and families, and youth in a variety of humanitarian ways but always with prayer and the gospel included in everything they do.


Here is a little bit about each ministry:

Strategic World Partnerships (EC Beneficiary NYBR2018)

Over the past 20 years, Strategic World Partnerships has invested heavily in the Kherson region of Ukraine. Their impact ranges from pioneering church camps in the wilderness, planting churches, influencing the economic and social well-being of the region, and raising up church leaders and kingdom workers throughout the region.

Since most of the work of SWP in Ukraine has been in the Kherson region to the south, which has been greatly under attack in recent months, their work has changed focus to rescuing and relocating their workers and partners (at least temporarily) to other parts of the world: Poland, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Romania, and the United States. With funding and help through SWP those workers are continuing to shuffle food and clothing and medicine and other humanitarian aid to those desperate for help in war-torn regions of the country.

Strategic World Partnerships tries to say “yes” to every need that people express to them, so your prayers and fund-raising will go to helping them say, “yes,” to every need they encounter during this most difficult time.


Solid Rock Mission (EC Beneficiary WABR 2021)

Since 2012, Solid Rock Mission has been raising young disciples through kids camps & clubs, youth camps & missionary schools. Headquartered in Znamenivka, Ukraine, (just 120 miles from the eastern border), the SRM team remains in ministry to a region experiencing great oppression from war, fear, hunger, and spiritual darkness.

After the war escalated in 2022, the SRM team responded to the needs of their countrymen by serving their people with evacuations, providing humanitarian aid, temporary housing, and distributing thousands of food packages. Beyond Ukraine, the SRM team saw the need to serve refugees beyond Ukraine, so they established a missionary base in Rzeszów, Poland. They also started ministering in Romania and organized a few events in Germany and the Netherlands. Through all of this, they bring young people alongside them to serve, pray, and be discipled.

Their hope and prayer is to provide a chance for Ukrainian kids, teens and youth to experience love, healing, and to hear the Gospel. Your prayers and fund-raising will help Solid Rock Mission continue to disciple youth throughout Ukraine and into other parts of Europe through youth camps and other programs.

For more information check out their website:

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When you donate to an End Cycling tour, 90% of all donations goes directly toward impacting youth served by our beneficiary in this county, in Jesus’ name. The other 10% funds administrative costs for our parent organization, New International, a not-for-profit which, in all honesty, helps us do what we do even better. Tax deductible receipts and year end giving statements are provided to all donors. Read more about our financial transparency and accountability standards and practices.

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2023 Natchez Trace Bike Ride

This bicycling tour in 2023 Natchez Trace Bike Ride will raise prayers, awareness for both Strategic World Partnerships & Solid Rock Missions. Funds raised from this tour will provide a chance for Ukrainian kids, teens and youth to experience love, healing, and to hear the Gospel in war torn Ukraine. Help us meet that goal and #PrayPedalRepeat or donate for the youth of Ukraine?

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