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A Beneficiary of the
2024 Key West Bike Ride

A Word from Prosperous Youth Foundation

Ministering to 70+ youth Homes

On this tour, you will be riding for the youth in Thailand. Our beneficiary ministry there is called Prosperous Youth Foundation (PYF). Here is a word from them:

Less than 1% of Thais are Christian. Chiang Mai, with a population of about 1 million people, is the second largest city in Thailand. Chiang Mai is a city surrounded by mountains, which are home to many tribal people and villages.

Parents choose to send their children into the city for a better education while they continue to work on their farms. These youth end up living in youth homes. Some are true orphanages, while others simply provide a place to sleep and eat while students study in the city separated from their families.

At PYF we want to see a decrease in the number of students unnecessarily entering this system and better care for those exiting it.

With the network of 70+ youth homes we have created since 2012, we host a summer camp, a leadership training group, a small group for students transitioning out of these homes, engage in discipleship with many youth, and have a foster care awareness program. We’ve seen youth walk out of depression, become confident in their identity in Christ, and countless youth decide to follow Christ for the first time due to our ministry within this system.

Help us expand by focusing on those entering and exiting youth homes.

  • Entering:
    • Chiang Mai may have a higher % of students growing up in institutional care than any other place in the world. Help us create better gatekeeping mechanisms to keep youth in families and recruit Christian Thai families who are willing to become foster parents.
  • Exiting:
    • One of our biggest projects is called God First and is a small group for youth who are transitioning out of a youth home into life on their own for the first time. Some will be going to college, trade schools, or trying to find a job. The transition can be a scary time for them as they try to find a place to stay, a job, and a community that will lift them up. Often they can lose their identity in Christ without proper mentorship or anyone to turn to. The God First program includes small groups, individual discipleship, retreats, graduation celebrations, and helping youth with daily life. We need to double the scale of this project to help meet the growing needs.

God intended for all children to grow up in families, not facilities and is pursuing all of these youth to be adopted into His family. Join us in partnering with Him. This is where you come in.The prayers and funds raised from this tour will hep in two ways. (1) – To expand our care-givers group to be able to reach more students transitioning out of institutional care and, (2) – to create a new project where we help youth homes improve their social work capacities, so less kids (who are not orphans) end up in institutional care.  Will you help us and #PrayPedalRepeat for the youth of Thailand?

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Where the money goes

Nothing you Give goes to us

When you donate to an End Cycling tour, 90% of all donations goes directly toward impacting youth served by our beneficiary in this county, in Jesus’ name. The other 10% funds administrative costs for our parent organization, New International, a not-for-profit which, in all honesty, helps us do what we do even better. Tax deductible receipts and year end giving statements are provided to all donors. Read more about our financial transparency and accountability standards and practices.

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2024 Key West BIke Ride

This bicycling tour through the Florida Keys will raise prayers, awareness for Prosperous Youth Foundation. Funds raised from this tour will impact youth in 70+ youth homes in Thailand in Jesus’ Name. Will you help us meet that goal and #PrayPedalRepeat or donate for the youth of Thailand?

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There are many ways to get involved. We hope that you will join a tour to fellowship with us and explore the United States. Your contributions through tour registrations, pledges, donations, and product purchases will greatly help youth ministries globally.