More than a place to sleep

Where You Come In

We have been blessed to stay in many amazing churches across the country during our Ends Cycling tours. One of the ways we keep the cost down for our participants is by partnering with local churches along the way. That’s where you come in.

Our cyclists and Support Staff travel with air mattresses and sleeping bags. They have everything they need. A fellowship hall, gym, or sanctuary floor is more than suitable for our cyclists to rest for the night. Sunday School classrooms are a bonus for married couples or a place to put our snoring-cyclists – of which we often have many.

What You Can Expect

As a host church, we would ask that you have someone available the morning of the day you are hosting to meet with our Church Liaison. This person will be driving our van & trailer, which is filled with all of the gear & luggage. Once you meet with them, you can show them around your facility – sharing which areas are off-limits and which areas are available. Once that is complete, they’ll likely ask you about which entrance(s) to use and how to lock the doors when we leave. They will also ask you for things like the WIFI password and where the bathrooms are. We always travel with portable showers, so we appreciate if you can point out a place on your property where we can set-up the shower tent (preferably near the hose outlet).

Our cyclists will arrive in the early-afternoon, in most cases, and will shower and set-up their sleeping space. If your church has an evening service, we’d love to join you in that and are happy to wait to setup until after service, if need be. In addition, we never turn down snacks or a dinner – so if you have folks in your church that want to serve us in that way, please let us know.

About The Role

Sheltering cyclists on tour

  • Place(s) to sleep – open floors are great!
  • Place for service
  • Place to shower or connect showers (outside garden hose spigot)
  • Place to set up breakfast in the morning
  • Refrigerator access
  • Ice machine
  • Classrooms or similar spaces for families to sleep in
  • Your church joining us for our evening worship service
  • Your church providing dinner for everyone that night
  • Empty all trash
  • Vacuum and/or sweep
  • Reset chairs and tables as we found them
  • Wipe down bathrooms with bleach wipes
  • Replace toilet paper and paper towels whenever possible
  • Social Media Mentions/Check-in
  • Appreciation Plaque sent post-tour