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provide supplies for their many after-school activities

Brazil is a country with the 5th largest land mass, 7th largest population, and 10th largest economy in the world. Rio de Janeiro is the second most populated city in Brazil, exceeded only by São Paulo. The country is widely known for its natural beauty, its passion for soccer, and huge carnaval celebrations.

Almost 30% of the population of Brazil lives in poverty, with 1 in 5 people in Rio de Janeiro living in favelas, or slums. Due to lack of good education and/or opportunities, many people in Rio are not able to make a proper living for themselves and their children. Teens often begin working at very young ages to generate income, and it is not uncommon to find children alone begging for money at busy street lights.

Light to the Nations is a network of organizations including the Rio Dream Center, ILAN Church, Edilan book publishing, and Legacy School. The Rio Dream Center is all about serving people! We distributed 70 tons of food over the span of one year, and we provide free medical, dental, physical therapy, and nutritionist clinics to adults and children in our community. We also have a trade school, where adults (18+) can be trained and certified, and find work or start a business to generate income. The Rio Dream Center also has after school programs for children and teens, including soccer, ballet, theater, Muay Thai, English classes, and a preparatory course for standardized testing. We believe an important part of the development of children and teens involves not only education, but also extracurricular activities, which is why we provide these activities free of charge to all families.

Fortunately, nearly all those who serve at our Rio Dream Center are volunteers. However, we are in need of funding to maintain all of our programs for children and youth at the Rio Dream Center. We need supplies for all our after school activities, such as soccer and training equipment; ballet leotards, tutus, and flats; theater costumes and makeup; Muay Thai mats and robes; and classroom supplies for English lessons and preparatory courses for standardized tests.

Our hope is to use the prayers and funds raised from this tour to help us to continue these successful programs for our children and youth in Brazil. With your help, we will be able to see more of our youth be inspired and be given the chance to develop in ways that their families would not have otherwise been able to provide. Join our mission to help the youth in Brazil and expand the Kingdom of God here!

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When you donate to an End Cycling tour, 90% of all donations goes directly toward impacting youth served by our beneficiary in this county, in Jesus’ name. The other 10% funds administrative costs for our parent organization, New International, a not-for-profit which, in all honesty, helps us do what we do even better. Tax deductible receipts and year end giving statements are provided to all donors. Read more about our financial transparency and accountability standards and practices.

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2024 Colorado Bike Ride

This bicycling tour in Colorado will raise prayers, awareness for Light To The Nations. The prayers & funds raised from this tour will continue to provide supplies for their many after-school activities that impact youth there and open the door to share the Gospel with those who attend. Help us meet that goal and #PrayPedalRepeat or donate for the youth of Brazil?

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